About us

Heleneborgs farm, real estate letter Kvarnsvedjan 1:7, was my parents’ home. The house was built in 1918 and the barn, which I and Marie Louise have transformed into a small visitor centre, was built by my parents in 1951. The barn was initially built for 6 cows and horses, but later expanded for 10 cows. The cowshed was equipped with a milking plant whose glass tubes are still attached to the ceiling.

Marie Louise & Torbjörn

Milk production continued until the late 1980s, when my parents retired. Subsequently, the building served as the family’s store until 2006/2007 when we moved here from Sollentuna and completely renovated and expanded the main house. All that was leftover in the renovation, we have saved for future needs.

The transformation of the barn is our common recycling and leisure project, in which Marie Louise’s flair for architecture and interior design and my interest in construction and carpentry comes in handy. The driving force is that we both just think it’s so much fun.

We want to create a pleasant and welcoming environment where people can enjoy and feel at home.

Welcome to Heleneborgs Gård.
Torbjörn Wennebro

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